eMiniTec Hearing Aid Programmer

Program Your Own Hearing Aids

The eMiniTec personal hearing aid programmer was created out of necessity for a smaller, lighter, less expensive, alternative to old bulky hearing aid programmers of years past. These hearing aid programmers were exclusive to hearing care professionals.

HearSource, an online direct to consumer hearing aid provider, now provides the eMiniTec to the general public for programming their own hearing aids. HearSource sells the hearing aids, programming equipment, accessories and software. This gives HearSource customers the ultimate level of control over their own hearing aids.

16 x Faster than industry standard hearing aid programmers.

Powered by USB

Needs no external power supply.

Purchase the eMiniTec Hearing Aid Programmer with personnel programmable hearing aids from HearSource.com

Compact design offers ease of transporting. (About the size of a deck of cards)

Made in the U.S.A

(We think this is important)

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